The Good Old Days


The good old days.
When we were young. There was a time so simple it couldn’t possibly belong to the world we live in now.
Or before we were born.
When people drove around in buggies and everyone looked out for their neighbors and a crooked politician was not bent beyond recognition of human form.
Or farther back in lore, when the world was still new and the only worries were those of dragons and early frost.
Those were the days. The days of youth and neighborliness and lore. We are enchanted with those days.
But as the romance of rose colored light dies in our eyes, and the dust of reality settles on our minds, we are left to see and understand the constant problem that stretches out through the ages.
The overwhelming problem of man.
Our depravity was not missing. It left its ever present mark on the pages of history and the days of our own short lives.
Cruelty and bigotry and the will to carry them out seem ingrained in our very nature. We cannot escape it.
But as far back as our depravity reaches there is something that reaches farther, winding through our stories in tandem with our darkness.
Grace and mercy.
His grace and His mercy.


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